M-Solutions joins FIMA

2017-04-13T13:44:07+02:008th December 2016|2016|

M-Solutions has become a member of FIMA (Forum for Intelligent Machines). The goal of the co-operation is to increase the safety, efficiency and productivity of work machines operating in mining environment. The membership brings new perspective to the challenges and opportunities in the development of different industries work machines. Our part is to bring experience in [...]

Finnmateria Exhibition 2016

2017-04-13T13:43:22+02:0028th November 2016|2016|

This year’s Finnmateria –  exhibition for mining, metal processing, rock material industry and earth construction – offered again the latest knowledge, technology and innovations. M-Solutions participated the exhibition for the first time. We would like to thank all quests and other exhibitors for the interesting conversations and the great atmosphere.  

M-Solutions in co-operation with Tekes

2017-04-13T13:41:36+02:001st October 2016|2016|

M-Solutions has started co-operation with Tekes concerning software development for mining industry needs. The goal is to develop software for the mining industry needs that improves their ability to handle the information coming from different functions. Tekes is a Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. It is the most important publicly funded expert organization for financing research, [...]

M-Solutions R&D

2017-04-13T13:33:43+02:0022nd August 2016|2016|

M-Solutions R&D has been established to take care of software development. M-Solutions Ltd. and M-Solutions R&D Ltd. made a co-operation agreement about software development.

ICT services for CUPP

2017-04-13T13:32:30+02:003rd May 2016|2016|

M-Solutions and CUPP (Centre of Underground Physics in Pyhäsalmi) have made and agreement about providing ICT expert services. The services include hardware maintenance, support and software development.

ICT services for Pyhäsalmi Mine Ltd.

2017-04-13T13:30:28+02:0025th February 2016|2016|

M-Solutions has made an agreement with Pyhäsalmi Mine Ltd. about providing ICT expert services. The services include software and hardware maintenance, support and end user services.