Pyhänet Ltd. and M-Solutions in cooperation

2018-09-27T08:53:36+02:0027th September 2018|2018|

Our translation of the published Pyhänet Ltd. press release Pyhänet Ltd. and M-Solutions Ltd. are starting cooperation on the development of the areas network connections and services   Pyhänet has signed a cooperation agreement with M-Solutions Ltd. about professional ICT services. With this agreement Pyhänet Ltd. will secure the ICT services provided to their customers and [...]

Project partnership with EIT Raw Materials

2018-08-01T14:18:47+02:001st August 2018|2018|

M-Solutions has officially been accepted as a project partner of EIT Raw Materials. As a project partner we will be sharing our knowledge and expertise and contribute in different projects that aim to innovate and develop the raw materials sector. Currently M-Solutions is part of an innovation project – Closurematic – that was launched in February [...]

Cooperate and innovate

2018-06-07T08:48:31+02:006th June 2018|2018|

Mines & Technology event in Helsinki offered many new contacts and good ideas for future development. Main talking themes circled around digitalization, innovation and new technologies especially in IoT, AI and virtual reality. One presenter pointed out a very important note that cooperation and teamwork are vital in enabling innovation. Empowering people to innovate will make [...]

Developing digital tools for management of mine closure reducing environmental impact of mining

2018-04-24T17:34:36+02:0024th April 2018|2018|

M-Solutions is a part of a project launched in February that will improve mine closure through digitalization. More information about the project from . Below the official press release.   New Innovation project in the raw materials sector - Closurematic Published: 12.03.2018 Mining projects are unique industrial undertakings due to their inherently limited life time. [...]

From digitalization to digital transformation

2018-03-14T14:57:51+02:0014th March 2018|2018|

Mining industry’s digital transformation seminar in Vuokatti, Finland, offered interesting talks about digitalization, new technologies, information silos and ecosystems. Participants reflected on opportunities new technologies bring and what obstacles businesses have on their way to digital transformation. Consensus was found in the themes of data integration, need of a data platform and the importance of cooperation. [...]