M-Solutions Ltd. is a privately owned Finnish ICT service provider. The company was founded in 2016 between colleagues who saw a future in improving data management in companies. The driving force in the early years of the company has been the encouragement from customers and the product of their own product development – a data management platform – which was named M-IDIS (Industry Data Integration System)

We offer comprehensive ICT services and solutions to our customers in all stages of their business to improve efficiency, productivity and safety. We help our customers to recognize and solve possible problems and to utilize all information from different systems and processes in decision making. Our expertise helps us make the siloed data transparent and refine the information from different systems for the whole organization to use. Solution to data management, M-IDIS, brings all data together. The basis of our operations is the idea of how industries work in the future. M-Solutions is based on the idea how future industries operate. We share the passion and skills to develop industries towards the future, and the commitment to achieve our goals.

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