1104, 2017

Re-use of Pyhäsalmi Mine facilities

M-Solutions is the ICT partner of Pyhäjärven Kehitys Ltd. and the Natural Resources Institute Finland’s project to plan and test new use for vacant facilities in Pyhäsalmi [...]

1403, 2017

M-Solutions joins Mining Finland

M-Solutions has become a member of Mining Finland. The purpose of our co-operation is to advance international contacts and expand networks. With our co-operation, we will reinforce [...]

812, 2016

M-Solutions joins FIMA

M-Solutions has become a member of FIMA (Forum for Intelligent Machines). The goal of the co-operation is to increase the safety, efficiency and productivity of work machines [...]

2811, 2016

Finnmateria Exhibition 2016

This year’s Finnmateria –  exhibition for mining, metal processing, rock material industry and earth construction – offered again the latest knowledge, technology and innovations. M-Solutions participated the [...]

110, 2016

M-Solutions in co-operation with Tekes

M-Solutions has started co-operation with Tekes concerning software development for mining industry needs. The goal is to develop software for the mining industry needs that improves their [...]