Mines & Technology event in Helsinki offered many new contacts and good ideas for future development. Main talking themes circled around digitalization, innovation and new technologies especially in IoT, AI and virtual reality. One presenter pointed out a very important note that cooperation and teamwork are vital in enabling innovation. Empowering people to innovate will make growth and excellence possible.

It was also discussed and agreed that especially with all the new technologies, we need a platform for all the information and data that comes in different types and forms. Because with all the good that comes from the developed technologies there are also inconveniences that cause more data silos to customers. All us vendors, manufacturers etc. should move from words to action and truly work together to help our customers to get rid of the harmful information silos. Only cooperation will help us all to solve the ever more complicated challenges that future brings. Let’s continue to develop ground breaking technologies but let’s also work together to help our customers manage data even better.