This year M-Solutions participated in the Mines & Money and Mines & Technology exhibition at London’s Business Design Centre. The week was full of interesting presentations, conversations and new ideas about circular economy as well as sustainable innovations and development of the mining industry. M-Solutions participated as a part of Mining Finland’s joint stand where different companies from Finland presented their expertise.

The conversations and presentations went around the themes of digitalization, what it means to companies and how we could all benefit from it. Many good points were made and here are few of the most important ones in our opinion.

There is already plenty of data available and you can find innovations and create value with it. Like it was said at the exhibition, innovation is to create knowledge by using the resources available. Innovations with for example new technologies bring lots of opportunities as well, but it should be clear what are the needs and resources in use and how viable the project would be.

But it seems that we are on the right track. Until next time!

Thank you Mining Finland and all the participants for the week.