M-IDIS® – Platform for companies’ data management

M-IDIS (Industry Data Integration System) is a versatile data management platform that consists of a data warehouse and an user interface. Wide range of tools and functions makes the system superior in any company’s comprehensive data management

The modular structure of the system allows it to be utilized in a necessary extent meeting everything from small to wide data management needs. You can have a more concise solution in use for a specific purpose or in the other end as wide as necessary solution for example for a whole organization’s data management

Why M-IDIS ?

Data or operations management challenges are often resolved through software or system purchase. System is either bought as a finished product or the process is started to plan for a project of a company’s own and bid development providers. Despite the wide selection of software and system products there aren’t suitable solutions for every need. Not to mention when the need is in wider organization’s data management in contrast to a specific problem. In addition to that it is known that companies even in the same industry, are different so building a solution to fit your on needs starts to sound good. The development projects are long and a lot of resources are needed. The outcome depends on the success of the specifications in the beginning. The projects have their risks and it is possible that the outcome doesn’t fit the needs. With our system you can get the benefits of a tailored solution without all the steps in creating a system from a scratch. We have built a system that is created to adapt to any company’s data management needs. The platform is ready, let’s make it like your own. M-IDIS will adapt to your company’s needs.

M-IDIS® for Mines

…what ever you need!
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